How much does a pet cost over the course of its lifetime?

CLIENT: UmfragenVergleich
AGENCY: MVF Global | CONTENT: Christina Brunn
PUBLISHED: 11/03/2015 | COUNTRY: Germany Task:

The purpose of this work was to accompany an article in a blog. I went about this project trying to think of a way to display the data in an easy format for the audience to understand. Using engaging charts and likable illustrations, I attempted to draw the appeal of pet lovers. The focal point of the infographic is always the animals. All my efforts went into taking away the need to read the text, and instead of being able to understand the information directly from the picture.

Challenge: Comparing the cost vs lifespan of all the pets, meanwhile also comparing the data of each pet against each other, meant I had to be very selective over which type of charts to use. The incorrect choice of chart would not only make the information difficult to understand but also create a visual disaster.

Categories: Infography, Illustration